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Poem for Holocaust Memorial Day 2011

Untold Stories

There are no such things as untold stories
just time waiting, waiting to
unravel scrolls of secret.
Unearthed treasures
waiting to be discovered.
Uncovered myths
revealing their truths

that time can’t hold no more.
Untold stories are seeking to be drawn from
cacophonies and tombs of pain and woes, found
In our homes, long lost laments in a child’s diary,
hidden photos, the charmed bracelet,
the unplayed piano waiting in the corner, the suitcase
on top of the wardrobe, untold stories lie

waiting to be shared. They’re written
in the tears that roll down their eyes
tattooed on the minds of those that survived
exhaled from the breath from those that died
inhaled by generations like you and I.
Untold stories are never lost
they’re just waiting for you and I.

Roy McFarlane ©

Birmingham Poet Laureate 2010/11