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The struggle of normality by Roy McFarlane

Making me mad is the way you abuse me, disuse me
Spin webs of lies from within and without
Entangling me with ideologies and theologies
That wrap around my instability
Causing me to walk past my existence a thousand times
Chasing ghost of personalities that are far removed from me
And you think you know me
Through Freudian telepathy
It’s time we threw away that psychology
Or at least please remember my culturality
Or even consider the DNA of slavery
All written over my chromosome
And maybe this madness around me
Would be different if there was a global atonement
For a past steeped in insanity
And if I gave you my shoes
To walk around my mind
I’d ask you please step cautiously
Where you’ll find me in the corner
Trying to build my identity
In this struggle of normality.

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Roy McFarlane Poet Laureate 2010-2011