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Michelle Obama in Harlem by Roy McFarlane

I saw Micelle Obama in Harlem
With her halo of Afro
Billowing in the autumn breeze
Looking like Angela Davis

I saw her during summertime
Walking down Lennox Ave
With a crown of cainerow
Following in the steps of Malcolm X

Once I was in the Schomburg
And she was reading
Their eyes were watching God
Whilst twiddling with the curls
Of her newly coffered hair.

She was jamming at a Jazz event
With her hair wrapped all royal high
And the next day I saw her
Giving praise to the most high
With her hair let down
Flowing in treselles of plaits
Across her beautiful golden shoulders

And I’ve seen her celebrate
Kwanzaa in all of its Kuumba
Drinking from a unity cup
With short kinky spiral of curls.

I saw Barack and Michelle in springtime
Like Solomon and Makeda singing a love song
Looking into each others eyes
Whilst his finger weaved through
Her Black candy floss hair

And one quiet morning
When the birds were singing
She was moved by a little girl
With new Nubian locks
Who touched her face,
Stroked her hair and cried.

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Roy McFarlane Poet Laureate 2010-2011