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Home by Alan (Kurly) McGeachie


Let’s face it, is where the flow of events are not always under your control.
At times home can feel like a warm, bright, cosy and inviting place
And other times it can feel like a broken, confrontational environment.

Home though, for most people is probably an experience of something in between
Where you either give or you take orders about something that needs a clean,
It could be the carpet, your room, your filthy manners or a cup
Or something downstairs needs taking back up... Again!!
Me, I’m either urgently running or begrudgingly dragging my feet
But either way about a million miles I must do a week
Around this place that I call home
Where outside the front door
My four year old son loves to pick up a stone
When he’s older he’ll say
“Dad remember that time I picked up a stone outside our front door
And I threw it at your car, we heard a crash and then you roar!”
And I’ll say “Yeah son, but I’m so proud to say,
That was one of very few ‘You gotta learn the hard way’ days
Cos most times son you learned from constructive praise.”

But come, rewind back to the present
There’s a knock at the door
Should I let the guests in!? Cos we’re expecting my mother‐in‐law
I call her the ‘Out‐Law’
I draw breath and hesitate as I turn the lock
From the other side I hear breathing and part of me just wants that breathing to stop
Just like the soldiers felt in the trenches when the shells would drop
Home when she lands is what I’m fighting for
Me and her, we’ve had our battles and now we’re even in score
So I brace myself for whatever comes as I open the door!
So I’m ready, best foot forward, anticipating her big push
Instead revealed on the door step is a guy ‐ whose name tag says ‘Gus’
Its not the ‘Out‐Law’ invader which is a plus
He says “Hi, my names Gus I’m from Windows R Us”
I say “Oh” and give to him what must be a familiar look
One that kindly says sorry but I’m in a rush
So I quickly explain “I don’t need new windows cos at the moment I’m renting”
He smiles, while his eyes analyse if I’m pretending
“Ok mate maybe next time!”

Yeah, I’m renting
But for the time being this home is mine.


I close the door.
I step thoughtfully though to the living room considering this notion of ‘Home’
Get comfy in my favourite trampolined and Power Rangered dent in the chair
I sip my warm water and take a few moments to reflect on the importance of having
A space, a place to occupy, somewhere to park my backside,
And to simply feel home

Hey, when you think about it even ‘things’ have homes

Just like there’s a home for my vests and there are homes for your socks
And there are homes for the foods that we get from the shops
Homes for the bleach, washing powder and pegs
And a very special home for my secret stash of Cadburys Cream Eggs
Home for the kettle, that’s the kitchen side
The garden’s the home for my sons slide
Home for the Blu rays and DVDs
That’s the living room cupboard, not all round the TV!!

Home, at times can feel like a place of crossed wires and fused tempers
Flip the wrong switch and witness more drama than Eastenders!
I tried explaining this to a friend one day when I was feeling stressed and alone
But I could tell as I talked his lights were on, but guess what? No‐one was home

Thinking about it, he did have that double glazed over look on his face!

I sometimes see home as an emotional place
A safe inner sanctuary where I can open my most private feelings like a well oiled gate
To let happiness, desires or even fears pass through
And see the eyes as big bay windows that reveal something truly special about you
Me, I like to pull back the curtains and see out with an inviting grin
Optimistic about walking up my front path in life as each journey begins
Of course some days are hard but expression can help you in life
Just like a clear roof gutter can help channel tears through a drain pipe
It’s healthy to channel those emotions away
Instead of leaving them to block up and overflow in a flood damaging way

As architects of our own emotions, we all need a bit of structure
As Home can leave a lasting impression just like a 16th Century Sculpture

Where I smell the sweet cooking aroma of seasoned chicken and rice
Where, you may hear the ear bashing nagging sounds about brushing your teeth
Where, I clearly taste adrenalin dry mouth whenever my mother‐in‐law visits
And it’s where you have a space to search your interior through inner reflection

Oh and of course it’s a great place to park your backside!

Home is that special foundation that touches us all

Bye for now and take care on your way home!

Alan (Kurly) McGeachie ©
Birmingham Poet Laureate 2010/11 Finalist


Hear Kurly’s band at: http://www.lucidsolution.bandcamp.com