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Spoz: Poet Laureate 2006-07

The Birmingham Poet Laureate for 2006/7 was Giovanni Esposito otherwise known as Spoz

Spoz started work on the production line at MG Rover. The demise of the company gave him the opportunity to discover his true vocation. He joined the New October Poets and started working in schools withRichard Grant aka Dreadlockalien, Poet Laureate 2005/6.

Listen to an interview with Spoz and hear him recite his poem 'Disco Dad'

You can find out more on Spoz's web siteand listen toThe Rotunda Quatrainson the YouTube website.

Spoz has now published a book of poems -The Day the Earth Grew Hair ! And other stuff

Dreadlockalien and Spoz

Young Poet Laureate

TheYoung Poet Laureatewas also announced on National Poetry Day.

She was Jennifer Brough, aged 16, from Arthur Terry School.

Dreadlockalien and Spoz

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