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The future revisited by Richard Grant

Richard Grant aka Dreadlockalien isBirmingham's Poet Laureate 2005 - 6.

This is one of the poems he submitted for the award.

The future revisited

Roll up, roll up, get your taste of virtual history here,
Only 50 sub zone credits for the reality experience of a life time.
Stand and sing with the football Inter Stella world cup heroes of 2660,
feel the breeze of the first mobility suit landing 2520,
or even go back as far as the devastating D day of 2407.
C'mon all are welcome, special suit adaptions for grendari sir,
what about your daughter sir ?
For 50 sub zone 1 credits you can give her the opportunity to experience virtual history in the safety of this lovely cholyglomerate zuco layered predictable and vented bio body suit,
All tested sir, evac free and trans community certified, world order approved.
Guaranteed no lasting effects.
Have each one of your six senses stimulated by 62656B The Greatest World of Memories'.
Over 400 years old this suit helps you step back in time, float in rhyme and feel the sensations of genetically reproduced thoughts and experiences.
All suggested memories used in the programme are neuron safe and any residual flashbacks are sorted with your usual medisweep check up via your local scan station and infusion point.
Are you interested sir, madam what about yourself ?
The Chelsea genetic petals gardens perhaps, smell over l00 variations of extinct flowers on a four minute wind of whirl tour, or run with the last cheetah across the plains of ancient Africa. Hear the roar of long extinct beasts, smell the fear and escape to a world back behind the beyond of yesteryear. We have over 4 bi centi of programmes with more through the netlink 67, basically for the right price we have any virtual experience you could wish for madam, 2295 the first moon landing, Or perhaps be J .K. Rowling as she finishes the last line of Grandpa Potter and the dark ones of the reign of terror.

You see I look poetically at history ,
vending thoughts long dusted,
Rusted into cogs of societal compliance,
Free thinking, Free writing, Word Science.

I am the curator of the ancient art of poetic justice,
But it's just this that made us fear free thought,
Replicating concepts taught to subdue humanity.
Welcome to the future of Poetic insanity.

Richard Grant

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