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Quinton Photos: 1940 - 2000

Christ Church, Quinton

The church has been in Quinton since 1840 and has been developed over the years. It was restored in 1908 and 1928.

The church was refurbished in the late 1980s.
It occupies the same area as Quinton Church of England School.

Quinton council house

This picture, taken in March 1952, shows the ten thousandth Council House built by Birmingham Council. If you can identify where it is, please let us know.

Quinton had continued to expand and in the latter half of the century, more estates were built. Woodgate Valley, to the south of Quinton, became one of the biggest.

Quinton Hall

Quinton Hall was an old people's home, situated on Ridgacre Road and Spies Lane. It had extensive grounds and was originally part of Bourne College. The college closed in 1928 and was brought by Birmingham Corporation as a residential home for elderly men. It was re-opened in 1931.
Quinton Church of England School use to run its sports days in the grounds. How much this entertained the old folk, we can only guess!
The hall closed and the six acre estate was sold to Chantry-Keys Homes Ltd for 03,000 in 1981. They demolished the hall , developed the land and built the Chantry Cresent estate to replace it.

Holly Bush shops

The Holly Bush shops in 1973. They included "Toller's " , the clothes shop, "Boyds of Bond Street" and "Firkin", the bakers amongst others. The shops have changed but the shopping centre still remains today.

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