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Welcome to planning and regeneration

The Regeneration service of Birmingham City Council's Development and Culture Directorate has a key role to play in the regeneration of Birmingham. With a growing population and an expanding city centre, Birmingham's future economic and social prosperity depends upon careful and co-ordinated management of strategic developments. The Planning and Regeneration service is making a real and tangible difference to people's quality of life. There are many diverse services and projects promoting planning and regeneration across the city; the Regeneration Management Team work together to ensure that the various programmes operate in harmony to keep Birmingham on track for becoming the UK's second world city.

City Centre Regeneration

Birmingham's city centre has undergone a renaissance in recent years; the City Centre Development and Design team manages many of the major projects and schemes that will continue the revitalisation of central Birmingham and raise the city's profile and connectivity, both nationally and internationally.

The Big City Plan is a masterplan that will co-ordinate the physical, economic and cultural development of the city centre over the next twenty years - the most ambitious and far-reaching citywide development project ever undertaken in the UK.

Eastside is a ten-year project to regenerate the east side of the city centre, creating a cultural and learning quarter and a new city park - creating opportunities for shops, housing, leisure and business.

New Street Gateway has recently acquired £88million of government funding. This project will see the 1960s station undergo a dramatic redevelopment, transforming the dark, crowded underground station into a bright, modern transport hub for Birmingham and the West Midlands. The project will double passenger capacity, relieving congestion, and will be a catalyst for creating more than 5000 jobs. It will redevelop and regenerate the area around the station and provide improved pedestrian connections across the city centre.

£93million of funding has been identified for the new Library of Birmingham on land adjoining the Birmingham Rep. The library and theatre will join together and share a number of facilities to create a unique centre for knowledge, learning and culture which will have a momentous impact on the city cultural landscape and information resources.

Neighbourhood Regeneration

Regeneration works to develop new regeneration opportunities, harmonising the activities of local community organisations with those of public and private sector partners. As well as tackling unemployment, it acts as a champion for local businesses in order to help them create new job opportunities for local people.

The city council has committed itself to delivering 5000 new homes over the next twenty years, as part of our Growth Agenda. The council is heavily involved in identifying where that growth should take place to ensure that sufficient infrastructure and business and employment opportunities are available to sustain the incoming population.

The launch of the three groundbreaking Area Investment Prospectuses in Autumn 2007 marked a new era for the regeneration of Birmingham. The AIPs reveal detailed opportunities covering 400 hectares of public and privately owned land available for development and regeneration, and include key marketing information designed to encourage job creation and inward investment.

The Aston Pride programme continues to deliver award-winning, nationally-recognised regeneration projects in Aston, removing barriers to employment that face local residents.

Plans have been unveiled for a bright new future in the Longbridge area, with the Longbridge Area Action Plan featuring proposals for 1000 new jobs, 100 new homes, a new shopping centre and a wide variety of improvements to the public transport system. Longbridge will also be the first of the city eco-centres, aiming to be the most sustainable urban eco-centre in the country.

Selly Oak is a mixed-use development comprising a new acute hospital, retail, offices, and a technology park. A major new road will provide access to the new hospital and relieve congestion on the A38. The development will deliver , restoration of part of the former Lapworth Canal, new public plazas and significant ecological enhancements. The new hospital was started on site in 2006 and is programmed for completion in 2011.

Work at Icknield Port Loop to develop a high quality, sustainable, mixed use, family orientated neighbourhood distinguished by its focus on waterside living. A choice of living and working options will then exist, meeting the current and future needs of those who want to be close to the city centre, including pathways to home ownership.

Tackling Worklessness

There are also several key teams at work on general programmes to tackle worklessness and promote inward investment across the whole city.

Forward4Work aims to support people with mental health problems, learning difficulties or physical or sensory disabilities to attain worthwhile employment, through training, advice, and supported employment programmes. These include flagship projects such as Shelforce, which has won national recognition for groundbreaking work demolishing barriers to employment.

The Employment Access Team provides employers with a thorough, comprehensive support package to recruit and retain staff and develop a skilled, flexible workforce.

Business Birmingham is the city's inward investment programme, operated by Marketing Birmingham, the city's public/private strategic marketing partnership. The programme aims to make Birmingham a leading global business that attracts significant investment by showcasing the strength of the city's talent pool, its strong education base, its attractive geographic location and its scale, which enables it to absorb large business functions. The programme is also an access point to the city's strong enterprise culture and well developed business networks that have a track record of welcoming newcomers to the city.

The Development Directorate leads on the city council’s ‘succeed economically’ strategic outcome, and provides a range of statutory and other services to businesses and householders that includes Regeneration.