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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence damages you, me and communities

Birmingham City Council - our commitment to support change.

A multi-agency approach to domestic violence has been evident in Birmingham for many years, however, the strategic basis for our work has been strengthened and we have moved from inter-agency working to a partnership approach.

There are a number of very important strategic structures in Birmingham and together they hold the pieces that provide the support structures and services needed by people who experience domestic violence. The year 2000 was an important year in the evolution of the City's response to domestic violence and there were some things to celebrate.

Against this backcloth of developing our work together it was clear that the City Council had an important part to play, but our contribution needed to be clearly stated. A Corporate Domestic Violence Policy for the City Council was developed and this was approved in December 2000.

This policy was produced by a corporate working group and had been through an extensive consultation exercise both within the City Council and with key partners and agencies in the voluntary, commercial and other statutory sectors. In developing the policy statement it became clear that there was much that needed to be said about domestic violence and the contribution of the City Council as an agency in combating it. As such, the policy statement is one part of a pack that provides the context and information resource that has been demanded through the consultation process.

There is also a Corporate Domestic Violence Training Policy and Strategy - providing the right response at the right time for individuals and families experiencing domestic violence is the challenge that we all face. This challenge is further complicated by the place that we are in as service providers - our core business and organisational values, principles and beliefs. We need to develop a greater shared understanding of where all of the support agencies are coming from and the routes of experience of the people for whom they are providing services. And we need to have the conversations that help us all to understand more and more of the picture. Our work on developing our Policy and Supporting Information Pack demonstrates our commitment to this issue and explains what it is that we can do and our approach. We must all seek opportunities to have the right conversations so that the people who experience or live with domestic violence have the services that they need and want.

The Housing department also have some information on Domestic Violence on their web page.

Download the Domestic Violence Pack (full pack - set of zipped documents in Word format; 89 kb).