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Fun for children and young people with the Mobile Library Service

Fun for children and young people with the Mobile Library Service

Here is some of the work which children and young people have done for the Mobile Library Service, including reviews, poems and pictures.

You could have your very own cloth bag!

Early in 2006, there was a competition to design a mobile library book mark. In December 2006 we were able to have the final winning book mark professionally produced onto a cloth bag by a local design firm.

That means that each new child or young person who joined the Mobile Library Service in 2007 was given a free cloth bag.

It's great for keeping all of your books together, ready to hand back in when you want exchange your books. No more looking under the bed, in the cupboard, in the kitchen...

Here is Arsh (on the right) from Sparkbrook with her very own cloth bag and her winning book mark design on the front.

The months have flown by here at the Mobile Library Service.

Christmas has been and gone but thanks to our young borrowers we all had a great time designing Christmas stockings and Christmas Cracker jokes.

Our Christmas Cracker winner was Humayra from Sparkbrook with:

What do you call a fairy who doesn't take a bath?
Answer - Astinkerbell

In April 2006, as part of Young Readers, Kathryn White came along to our Mobile Library stop at St Saviour's Road, Saltley.

She read her story 'Here comes the crocodile' to the local nursery group.

She also helped the children to make their own animal masks.

Everyone had a great time...

listening to the story...

making their own masks...

Bookmark Competition

In 2006 the Mobile Library Service ran a competition to design a bookmark in the shape of a mobile library.

Everyone, from 3 year olds to young teenagers, had lots of fun designing their bookmarks. Many designs featured a favourite book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; a favourite author J K Rowling; or simply that reading is fun and that we should "read every day".

Each of the bookmarks was laminated (to make them last) with each person's first name and the mobile library stop printed on the back. We had 6 overall winners and for their prize they also had their bookmark printed on to a large cloth bag for carrying all of the many books they borrow from the Mobile Library Service. Our winners came from Sparkbrook, Winson Green, Wylde Green and Yarnfield.

Summer 2005

A big thank you to all who took part in our summer activities - making pirate hats and jelly fish - and listening to the stories.

We also ran a 'Design a Seahorse' competition and a 'Summer Quiz'.

Gillian - Bromford area won the Summer Quiz.Seahorse competition

This seahorse is by Aneeba - Winson Green area. She came top of the class with her design.

We also had winning entries from:

Shereen - Winson Green
Najma - Winson Green
Neelam - Winson Green
Emily - Wylde Green
Megan - Wylde Green
Sophia - Sparkbrook
Zora - Sparkbrook
Ayshia - Sparkbrook
Lewis - Greet
Mandeep - Edgbaston
Kadey - Lee Bank

Poetry Competition
In April and May 2005 the Mobile Library Service ran a poetry competition. We had lots of lovely poems - here are the winners.

The winning entry

By : Rosemary aged 12



She gazed up at the stars,
Alone, sad and rejected,
The war had left great scars,
And she was left dejected!

Her son bed still deserted,
Her husband grave was bare
She craved the sound of a phone-call,
As she wept and hugged the chair.

The day her son was called up,
She dropped and cried No! No! br/>The day he joined the army,
She mourned to see him go!

Her broken heart had bled
With the news her son was dead
She was alone, when would this end
She gazed up at the moon

Moon, please be my friend!

Here are the Runners Up

Maryam (Winson Green area)

Her poem is: In The Middle of the Night

While we slept
The mouse crept
Out of the nest
Beneath the floor boards.

In the middle of the night
While everything was quiet
The mouse scampered
Across the kitchen floor
Searching for breadcrumbs.

In the middle of the night
While mum and dad slept
I crept quietly down the stairs
to get my self a drink.

In the middle of the night
When I opened the door of the kitchen
I saw a flash of fur,
a small brown mouse shot past me.

And I jumped with fright
In the middle of the night.
This is from Karsoom (Winson Green area)

The Broken Toys


In the broken box,
The broken toys Dusty,
Battered and rusty,
Tattered and torn,
Forlorn, Forlorn,
The snapped strings,
And all busted springs,
The rag oll ragged and rent,
The pink tin tea-set buckled and bent,
The crashed plane,
The car, the train,
Smashed in the terrible accident.

/td> /td> /td>

Our next poem is by: Tanzeela (Sparkbrook area)

M. Darra - Ming

Sir asks a question,
You really should know,
You give the wrong answer,
Three times in a row,
Who the one who points the finger?

M. Darra-Ming

Texting Mooly,
Down the street,
You drop your mobile,
At your feet,
Who the one who starts the laughter?

M. Darra-Ming

Who makes you blush from ear to ear?
Who makes you want to disappear?
Who to blame for everything?

M. Darra-Ming.
By: Anisha (Sparkbrook area):

The Mouse Mum

Do you miss your mum?
My favourite mouse had babies,
Not one, not three but six!
When they go squeak! she feeds them,
And give them cuddles, hugs and licks!

My mummy never licked me,
And I don think I ever went squeak!
But I wish that she could hug me,
Right now, right here, this week.

I can tell my Mum I miss her,
ause she lives far away

So instead I whisper to the
Mouse Mum that I miss my
own Mum, every day.

By Hardpreet (Winson Green area)

What is Yellow?

Yellow is the sun,
Yellow is the big car,
Yellow is a Banana, squelchy,
Yellow is the box,
Yellow is the house,
Yellow is the chair,
Yellow is a book,
Yellow is the monster,
Yellow is a ball,
Yellow is the colour!

We received many more poems but we had to decide on a winner and runners-up.

Thank you for all the hard work you put into your poems.
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