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Websites for Asian Women

Asian Woman
AIM International Ltd is the largest Asian print publisher in the world. Home to a selection of the finest high-quality glossy Asian magazines, our repertoire includes the only ABC-accredited Asian publications in the world, Asian Woman and Asian Bride. Distributed in over 62 countries, Asian Woman alone boasts a readership in excess of a million, making it the biggest Asian publication in the world

This site is specifically for the Asian woman, covering various life issues, providing advice and simultaneously providing entertaining content related to health, fashion, celebrities and beauty.

My Bindi
A site for young South Asians. Includes information on weddings, tips and reminders on planning weddings, information on Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Sikh wedding ceremonies, and information on festivities, including Mehndi. Also includes a fashion section and recipes.

UK India
Includes an entertainment section with song lyrics, film reviews, letters and a learn to read section where you can learn to read Punjabi, Arabic Hindi, Urdu or other languages.

Wedding Sutra
This site includes planning tools for weddings, and includes sections on fashion, beauty, jewellery, nutrition, traditions and etiquette.

Seasons India
An Asian fashion web site with information about beauty, health, marriage and pregnancy.

Silons UK
A site with women's bridal wear, evening and formal wear, sarees, casual wear and accessories.

BBCi Learning
The BBC's learning web site with information about learning English and many other subjects. This easy to use site has games, quizzes and other ways of making learning fun.

Pakistan Link
News about Pakistan in Urdu.

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