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Translation Web Sites

These are just a selection of the many translation sites that are on the Web.

Some sites will translate a certain amount for free and then ask for payments for more.

Remember that the Brasshouse Language Centre provides a high quality fee-paying translation service.

Google Language Tools

This well known search engine provides a service to translate single words, phrases and even web site pages from and to English.

A useful portal to several translation web sites

I love languages

Whether you're looking for online language lessons, translating dictionaries, translation services, this site probably has something to suit your needs.


InterTran gives free translation from or to a variety of European languages.


Free Translation

A site which offers a free "gisted" translation of text in a range of foreign languages, mostly European. Alternatively, you can pay to receive a more accurate translation.

Language Line

A translation site that mainly deals with Public Sector work. It translates other languages into English and vice versa.


Although Italian, it does provide English translation for single words.


Has links to many other translation sites. Has lots of pop up ads which are annoying. However it does translate Persian (farsi), Kurdish and Hindi amongst other languages.

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