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Holocaust Memorial Day - recommended reading list

Holocaust Memorial Day
All the titles listed are available for loan from libraries in Birmingham and can be reserved free of charge. You can make the reservation in person at any library or online

You can also find a list of children's books about the Holocaust and some recommended web sites including the Holocaust Memorial Day website.

Adult Non Fiction

Beer, Edith Hahn
The Nazi Officer's Wife - How one Jewish Woman Survived the Holocaust
(2000 isbn 0316848476)

Brecher, Elinor
Schindlers legacy (Hodder & Stoughton 1994)
An account of how people saved from the Nazis by Oskar Schindler continued their lives after the Holocaust.

Brostaff, Anita ( Editor )
Flares of Memory - Stories of Childhood during the Holocaust
(2001 isbn 0195138716 )

Cohen, Rich
The avengers:a Jewish war story (Jonathan Cape 2000)
How three young Jews created an underground resistance movement behind German lines in Poland with the goal of aiding the Russian advance.

David, Ruth
Child of our time: a young girls flight from the Holocaust (I B Tauris 2003)
The story of a small girl sent to England to escape the horrors of the Holocaust but finding only loneliness and suspicion in her new home.

Gilbert, Martin
The Holocaust: the Jewish Tragedy
(1986 isbn 0002163055)

Gilbert, Martin
Never again: a history of the Holocaust (HarperCollins)
Describes the experience of the Jews from Hitler's rise to power to liberation and the Nuremberg war crime trials.

Frank, Anne
The Diary of a young Girl (Puffin, 1997)
A definitive text which reveals Anne's innermost thoughts and feelings as she grows up.

Gold, Anne Leslie
Hannah Goslar remembers: a childhood friend of Anne Frank (Bloomsbury, 1998)
A story of friendship, separation and a brief reunion.

Knopp, Guido
Hitler's Holocaust (Sutton 2001)
A complete history of the twentieth century's most shocking act of genocide.

Kolinsky, Eva
After the Holocaust - The Jewish Survivors in Germany after 1945
(2004 isbn 1844133176)

Leapman, Michael
Witnesses to War (Viking, 1998)
A collection of eight true stories of children who were the victims of Nazi persecution.

Lee, Carol Ann
Roses from the earth: the biography of Anne Frank (Viking 1999)
This biography provides an account of Anne's short life before, during and after the events described in her famous diary, with eyewitness descriptions of the terrible death camps.

Marks, Jane

Hidden children: the secret survivors of the Holocaust (Piatkus 1993).
A collection of personal testimonies which recount remarkable individual stories of survival.

Rol, R. van der & Verhoeven, R.
Anne Frank: beyond the diary (Viking, 1993)
A collection of over one hundred photographs depicting life in the Frank family before the horrors of war and then charting the familiar story of life in hiding and eventual captivity.

Sheehan, Sean
The Death Camps (Hodder Wayland, 2000)
One of a series entitled The Holocaust.

Shuter, Jane
Survivors of the Holocaust (Heinemann, 2003)
One of a series entitled The Holocaust, presenting a wealth of first-hand accounts from survivors who lived in ghettos, in camps and who went into hiding.

Smith, Michael
Foley, the spy who saved 10,000 Jews (Hodder & Stoughton 1999)
Frank Foley used his work as British Passport Officer in Berlin as a cover for his spying activities. Risking arrest at any time, he helped thousands of Jews to escape.

Warren, Andrea
Surviving Hitler (Harper Collins, 2001)
A harrowing true story of Jack Mandelbaums experiences in a Nazi concentration camp.

Adult Fiction

Doughty, Louise
Fires in the dark (Simon & Schuster 2003)
The story of a gypsy boy surviving the invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Nazis, based on the history of the Romany people and the authors own family ancestry.

Edelman, Gwen
War Story
2002, isbn 0747557314

Hackett, Joyce
Disturbance of the inner ear (Little Brown 2003)
Isabel cannot escape the memories of her fathers time in a concentration camp where he survived by playing the piano for his captors. A beautifully-written first novel which examines how we learn to cope with our history.

Keneally, Thomas
Schindlers ark (Hodder & Stoughton 1982)
The inspiration for the acclaimed film,Schindlers List, this powerful novel tells the story of Oskar Schindler, the wealthy businessman who used his money and his cunning to save many from certain death.

King, Stephen
Apt Pupil 1999, isbn 0751525677
High school student, Todd Bowden, with a fascination for the Holocaust develops a powerful relationship with a former Nazi war criminal living nearby.

Lappin, Elena
The Nose (Picador 2001)
Natasha Kaplans ordered life begins to unravel after she becomes editor of an Anglo-Jewish magazine called The Nose and uncovers a shocking connection between its German founder and her own family's hidden past.

Lustig, Arnost
Lovely green eyes (Harvill 2001)
When Hankas family are sent to the gas chambers, she chooses to live by working as a prostitute for the Nazis. This novel explores the compromises and sacrifices an individual may have to make in order to survive.

Lustig, Arnost
Waiting for Leah 2004, isbn 1843431475
Set in Germany in 1944, they are eager to complete their 'final solution'. But what are the Nazis' intentions ?

Michaels, Anne
Fugitive pieces (Bloomsbury 1997)
The stories of two men from different generations whose lives have been transformed by war. A former winner of the Orange Prize for Fiction.

Schlink, Bernhard
The reader (Phoenix House 1997)
This tale of the affair between a fifteen-year-old boy and an older woman with a past tainted by war explores the themes of betrayal, guilt and memory against the background of the Holocaust.

Sebald, W G
Austerlitz (Hamilton 2001)
Jacques Austerlitz was raised as Dafydd Elias by a Welsh Calvinist family, only later discovering the truth of his origins as a Czech. He must now confront his sense of living the wrong life.

Styron, William
Sophie's choice (Cape 1979)
Set in post-war Brooklyn, this novel concerns the lives of three people, in particular Sophie, a Polish survivor of Auschwitz who lives with the torment of the terrible choice she was forced to make in that inhuman world.

Waterstone, Tim
The passage of lives (Headline Review 1996)
A story set in the Jewish community of London and Europe of four Holocaust survivors who find themselves bound together by threads of rivalry and resentment which threaten to strangle them.

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