Birmingham City Council

Websites for Lone Parents

Association for Shared Parenting

Concerned with the problems of maintaining a child's relationship with both parents during and following separation/divorce.

National Family Mediation

Helps couples make decisons arising from breakdown of their relationship. A web site for the Birmingham branch of this organisation is under construction.

Child Support Agency

Helps with financial support for lone parents.

Cruse bereavement care

Provides help, counselling, social activities and holidays for the widowed and their children.

Families Need Fathers

Organisation helps keep children and parents in touch.
Gives advice and support and promotes shared parenting.


A self help organisation which gives support for lone parents.

Mothers Apart from Their Children (MATCH)

Helps mothers separated from their children.

New deal for lone parents

Details of benefit payments for lone parents.

New Deal for Lone Parents

Parentline Plus

Offers practical help and gives information to anyone in a parenting role.

SOVA (Supporting Others through Volunteer Action)

The SOVA Working It Out programme offers support and mentoring to lone parents within specific areas of Birmingham to help them to find employment.


The Twins and Multiple Births Association has a support service for lone parents caring for twins or triplets etc.

Women's Aid

Can help with women who have children and have been physically or mentally abused.

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