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Trade Unions recommended websites

This is a selection of local, national and international Trade Union sites.
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The official site of UNISON at a national level. A well designed site providing a whole range of information from how to join to news on the latest campaigns.

UNISON West Midlands

Site for the West Midlands branch of UNISON. Contains quarterly newsletters about regional issues as well as standard information such as how to access urgent help and assistance.


A colourful and attractive site which gives the TUC a platform and a voice at national level. Includes a section entitled Know Your Rights.


GMB Britain's General Union
GMB is a general union - which means that anyone can join. There is also a Birmingham & West Midlands Region branch whose website is at


The TUAC is an advisory body to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The site contains numerous policy statements and reports and is easily navigable.


A fairly comprehensive Trade Union resource over 2000 links to international union organisations! Click on a global map to find out what is happening unionwise in another corner of the world.


This site lists local links in Arabic, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Turkish once again proving that the organisation of labour is truely a global issue.


The Union Makes Us Strong: TUC History Online is a partnership initiative between London Metropolitan University and the Trades Union Congress made possible through a grant from the New Opportunities Fund. It includes an excellent Tutor's Pack and useful links to other resources.

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