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Ellise Miles

Ellise Miles

A passionate reader, Ellise is a member of five libraries, and is keen to visit the local library wherever she goes. Ellise visits a library at least twice a week and, at the age of 11, is starting to explore beyond the realms of children’s literature with classic literature such as Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre.

Ellise will be a teenager when the Library opens its doors in 2013, and therefore is particularly excited about the new areas in the library for Young People which will provide an ideal location for teenagers to study, meet and socialise.

She said: “I’m excited about the new library as it will be bigger, and it will have all sorts of different stages from childrens, to teenagers and adults, and I’ll be going through all of them.”

On why young people should explore what their libraries have to offer, she continued: “You can get loads more out of books than you can from TVs and Playstations. But there’s more things to the library than books, there’s interactive activities, computers, DVDs, CDs, and loads more too.”

Ellise meets Jacqueline Wilson

Ellise Miles and Jacqueline Wilson

Ellise was lucky enough to meet up with Jacqueline Wilson at the Birmingham Young Readers festival in May 2011. Here she is sharing a joke with Jacqueline and Thomas Attwood, a sculpture of the electoral reform campaigner, in Chamberlain Square.

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