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Dangerous Trees

If you are concerned that a tree is unhealthy, diseased, damaged or dying or that a tree or part of a tree has fallen or is at risk of falling and is therefore dangerous select Trees in Birmingham where dangerous trees can be reported using the 'Request Tree Pruning' button.

Once the tree has been inspected by a Tree Officer and if it is determined as being dangerous the City Council will work to ensure that it is made safe. Where such a tree is located on private land then the council's Environmental Health service can take legal action to ensure that it is made safe, and in these circumstances the owner of the tree would normally have to pay for the necessary work.

Please note that we cannot deal with trees that are just blocking light. Remember that, subject to any Tree Preservation Orders, you are entitled to cut back any branches overhanging your property as long as you offer the cuttings back to the owner of the tree.