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21 day loan period

Trial of 21 day loan period for books

From Wednesday 28 November 2012, Birmingham libraries will begin trialling a 21 day loan period for books.

A 21 day loan period has already been introduced in many other library services nationally. It enables customers to get books they have reserved more quickly and improves the choice of popular books on library shelves.

Before beginning this trial, we asked customers for their views. Between August and October 2012, posters asking for comments appeared in libraries across the city and information appeared on our website. The level of response was very low with less than 0.1% of active library members expressing an opinion.

Based on the experience of library services in other parts of the UK, we believe that there are real potential benefits for customers of a 21 day loan period. So we have decided to run a trial for 12 months, after which we will again seek your views and review the trial, before deciding whether to make the change permanent.

IMPORTANT: Please note that because this is a trial, we are not changing the date labels in library books (which will still say 'Loans are up to 28 days'). Please be careful to check the date by which your book is due to be returned or renewed.

We hope you will soon notice the benefits of this 21 day loan period.

Please remember you can renew most items (up to a maximum of 4 times) in person, by telephone, or renew online. If you telephone please have your library card and the items to hand.