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Online Language Learning

Learn a new language today

Just what you've been waiting for !

Language learning when it suits you. Over 80 languages available plus 16 courses to learn English from other languages.

Our new Online Language Learning service is for all library members .

Just set up your account on a library computer, choosing your login and password, then you can access it anywhere. It tracks your progress and analyses your pronunciation if you use it with a microphone.

Link to registration screen On library computers it will say Sign Up with Barcode or User ID. Just enter your library card number.


Libraries have a limited number of headphones to lend you when you're using library computers. However, you may prefer to bring your own or buy a set for £1 from library staff.

How does it work ?

Transparent Language Online

Birmingham Libraries in partnership with Transparent Language and W. F. Howes is pleased to announce the introduction of a powerful new online language-learning system designed specifically for use by library members.

This learning method is a rapid learning system employing spaced interval repetition. It takes users through a series of simple steps to memorize words and phrases in a new language, including their meanings and proper pronunciation, in the shortest possible time.

Available for learning over 80 languages, it can be accessed from inside or outside the library, via a web browser on Windows and Mac computers. Users will have a variety of high quality learning options that build listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. Also included is Advanced Pronunciation Analysis to help users perfect their pronunciation skills. Individual progress tracking and assessment tests help identify areas for improvement and move users in the right direction.

Please note that the former Byki® Online functionality still works with the new system Transparent Language Online.

In addition to the advanced learning tools, users will have access to an array of online language and cultural resources including one click access to Facebook and Twitter language communities as well as language Blogs featuring a collection of articles covering the language and the culture that surrounds it.

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to enquiries@libraryofbirmingham.com