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Stock Retention Policy 2010 - 2013

A coherent, consistent policy is essential in order to manage stock effectively, assist collection development and continue to meet customer needs. This interim Stock Retention Policy updates previous policies and provides a framework for individual service area policies and procedures in preparation for the Library of Birmingham (LoB). The LoB vision for transformed services provides both opportunity and the imperative to take a fresh look at library materials in light of present and future needs. This policy will need to be reviewed in light of developments, such as an e-resources strategy, over the next 3 years – and beyond.

The scope of this Stock Retention Policy is, primarily, Central Library ‘Legacy Collections’ i.e. all open and closed access materials. Although there are retention policies for individual service areas and for different types of stock, this policy is applicable across the whole library. It is important that connections are made between materials throughout the building; for example, where collections require special storage and/or conservation but the subject matter has strong links to other areas of the library.