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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Secure Electronic Documents (SED)

Inter Library Loan requesters who are members of Birmingham Libraries, can now request and receive documents via Secure Electronic Document delivery, (SED) on their personal computers at home via email.

Requesters must have:

1. Ticked the box on the Inter Library Loan serial/photocopy/SED request form to show that a Secure Electronic Document (SED) is required and supply their email address

2. The FileOpen plug-in installed on their computer

3. A valid email address to access the link to the electronic document sent by the British Library

4. Access to a printer if they wish to print off the document within 14 days after the document is downloaded.

Requesters must have the free ‘FileOpen plug in’ installed on their computers. FileOpen is compatible with every version of Adobe Reader from version 4. If requesters go to the British Library home web page at www.bl.uk and search for FileOpen there is a link to download the ‘FileOpen plug-in’ free of charge and to download the test document. There is also a ‘FileOpen installation guide PDF’ for more details.

Downloading and printing the SED document

Below is an example of the email you will receive in response to a SED request. The email gives instructions on how to download FileOpen if you haven’t already installed it.

Users have 30 days to download the document. Once downloaded, you have 14 days to print off the document. It is best to print the document at once to avoid running out of time.

The e-mail says ‘Click Here to download your document'.

When you click on the link you will have an option to:

Click here to manually download

Select this and then a message appears:

Do you want to open or save this file ?

It is best to select open. The document appears and you have the option to print the document.

If you have a printer attached to your PC you should open and print the document within 14 days. You are allowed to make one print copy but will be allowed two attempts if there are printer problems.

Secure Electronic Documents

There are FileOpen FAQs available on the British Library website which may help to answer any queries you might have.

If you have any problems with accessing or printing the document, please contact Inter Library Loans on 0121 303 4543.