Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Service Information Policy Statement

1. Introduction

It is our policy to make information about services as widely available as possible, with the specific intention to maximise accessibility, take-up and responsiveness to customers and prospective customers. Service information is an aspect of performance management, enabling us to continually improve the quality of services provided

2. Audiences

Information about services is provided for several key audiences:

  • Current users of the service
  • New users/joiners
  • Non (Potential users)
  • Council Tax payers
  • Members
  • Stakeholders from partner organisations or funding agencies
  • Staff
  • Specific information is targeted either by content, format or style towards specific groups, for example children, people with disabilities, people who do not read English

3. Content Information

We provide accessible information about the range of library services, including but not only the following: -

4. Communication Methods

We make information about services available in a wide variety of formats, recognising that the most suitable method of communication is determined by the needs of the user and the information to be communicated.

Service information provision is governed by a two-tier approach: comprehensive information is available on the library website and in hard copy in all libraries; other methods (leaflets, noticeboards, newsletters, flyers etc) whilst complete in themselves, also signpost to fuller sources of information. A folder of Day-to-day information is available at every service point.

A distinction is made between the provision of information about the service, and service marketing. Although the communication may serve both purposes, clarity is important.

Plain English is used at all times, in all printed and electronic communications.

Our website conforms to web accessibility standards and core service information for people with sight impairment is available both in tape format and via the website (MP3).

Core service information is provided in Community and major European languages, with fuller information by request.

5. Quality Control/Updating

Our policy is to ensure that all published material, in all formats, is subject to quality control procedures.

  • Information published on the website is subject to editorial overview from the internal Content Development Team
  • Each document in the printed service information folder has an identified owner, and is subject to 6-monthly internal review procedures
  • All centrally prepared printed material is approved by senior management before release.
  • Locally prepared printed material is subject to guidelines and published through pre-prepared templates, with a random quality check.