Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Birmingham Libraries Policies

These documents explain to users what they can expect when they visit libraries in Birmingham.

Stock Management Policy

Birmingham aims to provide the opportunity for everyone to access learning, information and cultural expression through written print, audio, visual and interactive resources and technologies.

Stock Retention Policy 2010 - 2013

A coherent, consistent policy is essential in order to manage stock effectively, assist collection development and continue to meet customer needs. This interim Stock Retention Policy updates previous policies and provides a framework for individual service area policies and procedures in preparation for the Library of Birmingham.

Archives & Heritage Collection and Access Policy 2011

The aims of Birmingham Archives & Heritage service are:

• To collect and preserve the historic records of the City of Birmingham, its people, businesses and institutions
• To make these records available for research to the public
• To promote the use of archives to support learning, citizenship and community identities

Access Policy Statement

All libraries encourage access for everyone. We will promote the service widely and remove barriers that prevent people from using the service.

Equalities Policy Statement

Birmingham libraries will not discriminate against anyone on the basis of gender, disabilities, ethnicity, faith, age or sexual orientation.

Library Charges Policy

Referral Policy Statement

Staff Learning and Development Statement

Customer Guidelines on displaying promotional material in Central Library

Service Information Policy Statement

If you require this information in any other language or format emaillibraries@birmingham.gov.ukor contact yourlocal library

Birmingham Libraries Divisional Plan and Position Statement
Libraries' Customer Comments, Compliments and Complaints