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Building The City - Yardley, Harborne and Kings Heath

by Michael Byrne
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Until the First World War Yardley had a rural landscape of lanes, farms and country mansions. Although Hay Mills was industrialised it still retained a strong village identity and pride. Even today, walking through the conservation area of Yardley Village is like entering a vanished world.

Old Harborne
by Roy Clarke
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Prior to the Victorian period Harborne was a small country village in a remote part of Staffordshire. Although it then developed into a bustling suburb it still manages to retain some of the charm of a village community. Its most famous industry, the Chad Valley Company, is probably Britain's best known toy manufacturer and was based in the area for eighty years.

Kings Heath
by Margaret D. Green
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Kings Heath went through a transformation from ancient woods and commons to a Victorian village. It finally ended up providing housing for the expanding overcrowded city as a residential suburb. Although it's grand houses have now disappeared some of its historic open spaces have been preserved.