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Disability Sport - Zone Hockey League

disability sport
Zone Hockey is an adapted version of hockey and can be as inclusive as you want it to be. It is a 5-a-side game that can be played either indoors or outdoors.

The pitch is divided into three zones, which cater for children with differing disabilities. The middle zone is for electric wheelchair players while the other zones are for children who require pushers or have limited mobility. You are restricted to playing in your zone thereby ensuring you are matched with a competitor of a similar ability.

The school league is open to both primary and secondary schools and held on four separate dates throughout the year.

For further information please contact Clarisse Smith or Thor Shilliday.

Clarisse Smith
Zone Hockey Co-ordinator
Tel: 0121 373 4475
Email: clarisse.smith@wilsonst.bham.sch.uk

Thor Shilliday
Zone Hockey Co-ordinator
Sutton Coldfield Zone Hockey Club
Tel: 07860 881219