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Harborne Schooldays

The Don Wright Collection includes photographs of Harborne's schools.

Vicarage School c. 1890

Pictured here is a group from Vicarage School in around 1890.
St Peters School c.1890

This carefully posed photograph is of St Peters School, again from around 1890.
Harborne Board School, 1897

This photograph is from Harborne Board School's Diamond Jubilee year of 1897.

The photograph was donated by Miss G.Wright.
Station Road School, 1939

A football team from Station Road School, pictured in 1939.

The photograph was donated by Mrs D. Sadler.
Station Road Football Club 1950

This team photograph is of Station Road F.C. in November 1950.

Standing: Mr F. Coopey, Unknown, Hudson, Court, T. Booker, R. Atcliffe, B. Buttery, M. Draper

Seated: Mr J. Abel, Jeffrey Hayes, I. Bulger, J. Thomason, D. Beasley, J. Bastock, Mr Stanton (headmaster)

The photograph was donated by Mr and Mrs Hayes.

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