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Harborne in World War Two

In the Don Wright Collection at Harborne Library we are fortunate to have several original documents relating to both the A.R.P. (Air Raid Precautions) and the local Homeguard. There are also a few photographs from which we have compiled this selection.

Harborne Homeguard Signals Company, 1941

The photograph on the right is of the Harborne Homeguard Signals Company, dated 1941.

We only have the following names:

Back row: 2nd from left, Tony Braddock
Middle row: 3rd from left, Ernest Frank Lawrence
Middle row: 4th from left, John Skinner
Front row: 4th from left with glases, Jack Cox

If you can identify any more of those pictured please get in touch with Harborne Library by telephoning 0121 464 1596 or e-mail harborne.library@birmingham.gov.uk

Handbook of Harborne Home Guard

The image is reproduced from the Handbook of D Company, Harborne, the 21st Warwickshire Battalion of the Home Guard.

The document is a fascinating record of preparations for possible conflict. It includes advice on weapons, night patrols and how to read maps.

Smoke Practice Notice, 1943

Further evidence of Harborne's wartime defence precautions can be found in this Fire Guard notice of June 1943.

The senior Fire Guard is notifying local members of the Fire Guard Service of a Smoke Practice on Sunday July 18th, 1943 on waste ground next to the Royalty Cinema, Harborne.

A dummy figure was to be placed inside a hut, set alight and then "rescued" by Fire Guards.
Certificate presented to Greenfield Rd Savings Group, 1944

This certificate of honour was presented to the Greenfield Road Savings Group to acknowledge their contribution to the "Salute the Soldier" National Savings campaign of 1944. Harborne's wartime history continues to be of great interest, particularly to local schools, who use the collection within the library, or sometimes invite us into the classroom.

We are always looking to add to the material we can make available, and would be grateful for the opportunity to copy any documents or photographs connected with Harborne during the war.

If you can help, please contact Harborne Library by filling in and submitting the form at the foot of the page, or telephoning 0121 464 1596.

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