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Hire of Road and Mini Sweepers, Special Collections and Land Clearance

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Birmingham Commercial Waste Services are able to offer equipment for hire for a range of services at competitive rates. A list of equipment for hire and the types of services they are ideally suited for are detailed below:

Large mechanical sweeper

Large mechanical sweeper - this service is ideal for areas with few obstructions such as large car parks, playgrounds, industrial estates and private roads. With the ability to sweep and collect waste, it is ideally suited for larger areas.

Small mechanical sweeper - its compact and manoeuvrable design means this sweeper is suitable for most locations; car parks, playgrounds, industrial estates and private roads. Its size makes smaller sites accessible, including certain types of indoor cleaning e.g. warehouses.

Hot washing of pavement

Hotwash cleaner - this is the mechanised answer to many difficult problems such as chewing gum, grease, dog fouling, bird droppings, graffiti and fly posting. High pressure hot water is delivered to surfaces from spray bars under the vehicle or from a hand held lance. The addition of disinfectant to the water tank means the area is left hygienic and fresh smelling.

A cold water flushing service is also available for swilling car parks and roadways.

Special collections and land clearance:

Larger items that are difficult to get rid of such as office furniture, computer equipment, carpets, confidential waste or old files can be removed by special arrangement.

Land clearance and site litter picking is also available for special events.

To find out more about our Commercial Waste services, just email us at commercialwaste@birmingham.gov.uk or give us a call on 0121 303 2894.

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