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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Driving Theory Test and Go Citizen

New Online Resources

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Go Citizen


for people preparing for the Life in the UK test or British citizenship test.


This site includes an online version of the latest official study materials licensed from the Home Office, plus hundreds of practice test questions in the same format as the official test.

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro

Theory Test Pro is a highly realistic online simulation of the UK's driving theory test.

Please note - If you are experiencing difficulty accessing this site through Internet Explorer, please try a different web browser, for example Firefox or Google Chrome.

It contains:

  • unlimited access to all the official questions from the DSA in the same format as the official test

  • online version of Highway Code

  • hazard perception video simulations

Hazard Perception Tests

Please note If you are using this site on library computers, you may not be able to open the Introduction to Hazard Perception Test video

Here are the instructions contained in this introductory video:

"During the Hazard Perception Test there are hazards just like those you will see on the road. Some of these are ones which you just need to keep an eye on in case the situation changes. Others will develop and cause you, as a driver, to slow down. These are the ones we'll measure your response to.

You will score points by clicking when you see a hazard develop. Respond by clicking the left or right mouse button as soon as you spot a clue to any hazard. You will need to click again each time the situation changes. As you click you will see a red flag appear at the bottom of the screen.

During the test you will be shown 14 clips with at least one scorable hazard. One of them will have two, so you need to keep concentrating."

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