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Displaying Promotional Material in Central Library

Most of Central Library is now closed in preparation for the move to the new Library of Birmingham and therefore has very limited space to display promotional material. Find out more about Central Library changes.

Guidelines for Customers

Birmingham Library Services welcomes promotional material from external groups or organisations which may benefit and be of interest to library customers. However, there are a number of considerations that affect our ability to accept and/or display promotional material from sources outside the City Council. These guidelines are intended to clarify Central Library policy and procedures with regard to promotional material, and improve consistency of decision-making by library staff.

Note: This only covers public notices, posters, flyers etc, not more formal exhibitions or displays for which there are separate guidelines.

  • If you wish to have your promotional material displayed in the Central Library, you can make a request in person or send your material to the relevant service area. Please do not leave material on library shelves, tables or leaflet racks without first checking first with a member of staff otherwise they will be removed.

  • Selection of material for display follows this priority order:

    1.Birmingham Libraries
    2.Birmingham City Council
    3.Government and Public Bodies
    4.Voluntary and Charitable organisations*
    5.Materials for civic, recreational, cultural and educational purposes*
    6.Commercial material containing information of general interest to library customers e.g. Jobs Fairs **

    * Materials should be from the regulated education and voluntary sectors or local community organisations [provided they meet the conditions stated below]

    ** Private/commercial materials advertising specific services will not be put on display or distributed to other libraries. Where appropriate, copies may be kept for reference.

  • Priority will be given to material concerning the Birmingham area, then neighbouring authorities and beyond.

  • Due to limited space, the Central Library reserves the right to limit the display and/or distribution of promotional material. If we are unable to display your material on a public notice board, it may be possible to include it an information folder.

  • Display by the Central Library does not in any way constitute an endorsement of any policies or beliefs contained in the material.

  • The Central Library reserves the right to limit or prohibit the display and/or distribution of material which:

    1.Is a threat to the health and safety of library customers
    2.Is a threat to the orderly use of the library
    3.Compromises the impartiality and neutrality of the library
    4.Is racially, sexually or otherwise offensive
    5.Implies the misuse or abuse of substances e.g. alcohol, illegal drugs.

  • Publicity material must be good quality e.g. not hand-written, clear and easy to read [print not too small i.e. should be 12 point or above] and in good condition.

  • The Central Library cannot be responsible for the preservation or protection of promotional material given to us for display.

  • Customers are not allowed to circulate or post petitions, or to solicit funds for any purpose.

Any request to display promotional material is at the discretion of the Head of Service for the service area concerned. Any questions or complaints should be made initially to the relevant Service Head. If the matter cannot be resolved at this stage, please complete a Customer Comments form - available below and at any service point in the Central Library.

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Promotional Guidelines for Customers

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Promotional Guidelines for Customers

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