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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

World War II Picture Quiz for Children

Can you imagine what it was like to live in Birmingham during the Second World War?
Have a go at our picture quiz and try to think how it would feel to be here over 60 years ago.

1. All these buildings were damaged by bombs falling in the middle of Birmingham city centre. Can you guess where they are? Your choices are: New Street, Moor Street, St Martins, New Street/High Street.

2. Below is a map showing where bombs fell right in the city centre. Every red or blue blob marks a bomb. Can you find the places shown in the photographs - New Street, High Street, St Martins and Moor Street?

3. This family are under a metal shelter that they have put up inside their house. Do you know what it is called? When do you think they would go in there? They may have heard someone making a noise with a wooden rattle and whistle. Who do you think that would be?

4. If there was a bomb warning, everyone had to put on a rubber mask in case the bomb contained poisonous gas. The little boy on the left is wearing a 'Mickey Mouse' gas mask. How do you think it would feel to have your face inside it? Who do you think the other type of mask is for?

5. This poster appeared on the sides of buses during World War II. It says "One way of finding out if the bus is moving is to step straight off. A better way is to find out first." Why do you think it would be so dark outside the bus that the man can't see anything? Why are there no streetlights on?

6. This building in the centre of Birmingham has a big poster on it asking for people to volunteer to become air raid wardens. These people risked their lives to help others when there was a bombing raid. Do you recognise the building? It has recently been reopened after being closed for many years while it was being updated inside.

Find out the answers to the picture quiz.