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A Shared History, A Shared Future: Asking for it

Shared History Shared Future
A Shared History, A Shared Futurecelebrates 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade.
Community based groups have been exploring the ways in which slavery in all its forms throughout history has operated, and how it relates to our lives in Birmingham.

Asking For It

A project with Trittiford Annexe Youth Centre, Billesley

We explored violence and slavery in Birmingham with installation artist Katy Aquaye-Tonge.

The group looked at images of young people from Birmingham to trigger discussion about how we perceive people different from ourselves.

What impressions you can create with what you wear, and through body language?

Looking at archive material we examined issues of racism, violence and slavery that have occurred in our city.

What makes someone a killer?
What is the influence of gang culture, music and film?

We asked the group to think about the places they like, and places they are uncomfortable and don't like.

How do they feel about their city?
Who do they identify with in their city?

Using film references (from archives and other sources) the group made their own short film, about themselves and about the project.

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A Shared History, A Shared Future
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