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A Shared History, A Shared Future: Tea Break

Shared History Shared Future
A Shared History, A Shared Future celebrates 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade.
Community based groups have been exploring the ways in which slavery in all its forms throughout history has operated, and how it relates to our lives in Birmingham.

Tea Break

A project with Kings Heath Stay and Play Group, Kings Heath Baptist Church Playgroup, Billesley Lane Stay and Play Group, Kings Heath Primary Out-of-School Club, Babamundi Drum group, Centre for the Child, Kings Heath All Saints Sunday School, AXIS Asian Women's group and Sellywood House Residential and Nursing Home

Tea break was supported by Coop Midlands and Fair Trade Association Birmingham, looking at how issues of Fair trade relate to poverty and slavery.

Artist Marcus Belben worked with the various groups and Midland Coop provided a range of Fair Trade goodies to be used during a Tea Break, where Fair Trade was discussed. We made papier-mâché cocoa pods and paper coffee flowers to discover where food comes from. We sang songs like the Banana Boat song, relating slavery to music, and limbo danced, uncovering the story of limbo and its roots in slavery.

Fair Trade Nicaraguan Farmer Marlon Villareyna gave a presentation about his work at Centre for the Child.

The group were shocked, as was Marlon, to find the difference in price between the coffee that is sold in Nicaragua and on our supermarket shelves. A huge sack of Fair Trade roasted beans sells in Nicaragua for about 50 pence .

Some comments about the project

So good for the children to start thinking about other people - Parent
I didn't know what Fair Trade was - Play leader
I didn't know slavery hadn't ended - Parent
Limbo. Its so obvious, but I never thought about it. - Parent
I want all the parents to go home and buy Fair trade - Play leader
Excellent activities. The children loved them. - Parent
Its easy to forget, or pretend to forget, when you are buying things. Its really good to be reminded. - Parent
This is the kind of activity we should always be doing - Play leader

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