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World War II Picture Quiz for Children - Answers

Here are the answers to our picture quiz.
Did any of the answers surprise you?

1. All these buildings were damaged by bombs falling in the middle of Birmingham city centre. Did you guess where they were?

2. Did you find the places shown in the photographs on the map - New Street, High Street, St Martins and Moor Street?

3. This family are under an indoor Anderson shelter. They would go in there when bomber planes were flying overhead. Air Raid Wardens used wooden rattles and whistles to attract people's attention and warn them to get to safety.

4. The type of mask on the right could be warn by a baby. The baby's whole head could fit inside.

5. During World War II there was a 'blackout' at night time. This meant that there were no streetlights on and people had to put dark curtains over the windows so that no chinks of light could be seen from outside. This made it more difficult for planes on night-time bombing raids to see cities and towns from the air but it must have been very tricky walking along outside after dark.

6. This building in the centre of Birmingham displaying the Air Raid Poster is the Town Hall.

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