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A Shared History, A Shared Future: The Liberty Box

Shared History Shared Future
A Shared History, A Shared Futurecelebrates 200 years since the abolition of the slave trade.
Community based groups have been exploring the ways in which slavery in all its forms throughout history has operated, and how it relates to our lives in Birmingham.

The Liberty Box

A resource box resulting from the A Shared History, A Shared Future projects

The Liberty Box is a catalogued collection of resources presenting a range of campaigns, projects, displays, exhibitions, events and performances in Birmingham, marking 200 years since the abolition of slave trading in the British Empire.

The Liberty Box is freely available through libraries in Birmingham. Throughout 'A shared history, a shared future', we intended to reflect the diverse opinions and issues raised in exploring slavery. We wanted to use our resources throughout Birmingham City Archives, Birmingham Library Services and elsewhere to support the work around issues of slavery many people in Birmingham wanted, and to promote the issues of slavery through projects run in schools, youth and community groups.

In Birmingham in 2007 our project was one of many projects examining slavery, each representing their own understanding of what slavery is and what it means. As the project developed it became clear that the best means of leaving a lasting legacy within the Library Service was not just to represent our project, but to record the many projects and resources already available and newly created throughout 2007.

The Liberty Box is a collection of many of the projects, events and exhibitions across the West Midlands exploring slavery as we see it. It is part of a continuing campaign by Birmingham Library Service to represent important issues, events and the people, by the people, through our collections, freely available to all.

The Liberty Box is a snap shot of our attitudes and opinions around issues related to slavery in 2007, and a record of what we did to raise awareness, change attitudes, and change the world.

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A Shared History, A Shared Future
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