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English Language and Literature

Oxford English Dictionary - the authority on the English language.

Literature Resource Centre - more than 120,000 authors from every age.

Music and Film

Oxford Music Online - a comprehensive guide to classical music (Click on Library barcode user login)

Naxos Music Library - a collection of music available for online listening with over 170,000 tracks. Mainly classical music but also includes jazz, world, folk and Chinese music.

searchMuze - find music recordings distributed in the UK including popular, classical, jazz and world music. Plus over 80,000 album cover scans. You can also search for films released on DVD or VHS. (Drop down the 'Please select' menu to find Birmingham Libraries before entering your library card number).

Newspapers and Magazines

Gale newspapers - a searchable database of the Birmingham Post, the Evening Mail, the Sunday Mercury and the Sports Argus from January 1998. (To find articles in these papers, you may need to include the word 'Birmingham' in your search ). Plus The Sun from Jan 1997, Daily Mail from Jan 1996, The Guardian/The Observer from Jan 1996 and The Times/The Sunday Times from Jan 1997.

Times Digital Archive - Search The Times from 1785 - 1985 and see the results as individual articles and in context on the whole page. (There is a limit on the number of users for this site, so you may have to come back later.)


Credo Reference - an online library that gives you access to 100 reference books on one website including encyclopaedias, dictionaries and books of quotations, plus a range of specialist subject books.

Oxford Reference Online - a cross-searchable database of all OUP's top reference books.

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography - 55,000 people from Britain's past. You can do a quick search, browse by date or in alphabetical order or look at the list of themes, e.g. saints, Oscar winners or poet laureates!

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