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Secret Stories - Spies, Special Agents and Super Sleuths

Open these books if you dare...

If you enjoyed the Alex Rider books and film, then you might want to discover more about what it's like to be a Special Agent!

Find out about the spying game with our selection of top secret books. There's spies in stories, real life spies, a link to the official MI5 spy website, a tricky spy game book and more...

Super Spies


The young James Bond
What did James Bond do before he joined the secret service? He was spying of course! Find out all about his adventures at school (Eton naturally).
Silverfin by Charlie Higson
plus the follow-up Bloodfever.

Alex Rider
Another teen hero transferred to the big screen. Alex is an ordinary school boy until his secretive guardian uncle dies. Then he finds out why he's been taught mountain climbing, scuba diving and martial arts...
Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz
plus follow-ups Evil Star, Skeleton Key, Scorpia and Point Blank.


Jane Blonde
A young girl discovers that she comes from a famous spy family and must continue the work...
Sensational Spylet by Jill Marshall
plus Jane Blonde Spies Trouble

Totally Spies
Alex, Sam and Clover are best friends at Beverly Hills High School. After accidentally stopping an international crime, they are recruited into WOOHP and then the real fun begins...
Spies in Disguise by Michelle Lamoreaux - the girls go undercover as a rock band.
Spies vs. Spy by Michelle Laoreaux - the girls are under threat from an ex-member of WOOHP.

and Animals....!

Lara (or GM451)
A highly trained special agent bred by the British Secret Service, Lara is used to dangerous missions around the world...
Spy Dog by Andrew Cope
plus follow up Spy Dog 2

True Tales

Real accounts of espionage and adventure from 327BC to the modern day...

Terry Deary's Terribly True Spy Stories by Terry Deary
True Spy Stories by Paul Dowswell
The Short and Bloody History of Spies by John Farman
Tales of Real Spies by Fergus Fleming
Spies by Clive Gifford
Spies and Detectives by Hazel Poole

Test your special spy skills

The Spy Master by Jak Shadow - An interactive game book in which you must battle a criminal and rescue an inventor!

Or check out how to make invisible ink or help identify some real spy gadgets on the MI5 website!

Get reading!
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