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More Poems by Claire Guest

Claire Guest is theYoung Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2012-2013.

Here are some more of her fantastic poems

Children in Need

So maybe you’re born to a rich family,
or maybe you’re not.
Maybe you’re born to a family with not a lot
of money to spare-
it doesn’t mean they care less,
they just can’t pay
for a fancy gadget, or posh holiday.
In fact, there’s a lot you go without,
and yeah, sometimes you feel like you’re missing out
but it’s alright,
you’ll make it through this tunnel and into the light
but you’ve heard noises in the night,
raised voices as your parents fight over the fact that money’s getting tight-
if only someone could help.

Maybe your parents aren’t in such great health
and perhaps they need some extra help
so on the weekends
instead of seeing your friends and going out
you’re busy helping round the house.
All in all it’s hard to find
space for you to have down time.
Schoolwork, housework, homework, all work
and no play.
A break would be wonderful-
if only someone could help.

Maybe it’s you who’s not so well.
Maybe you’re sick, maybe you’re ill.
Maybe other people don’t understand
you may be ill, but you’re still human
but they treat you like you’re not
you wish you had, but you haven’t got
someone there who could explain
yes, you’re different, but you’re still the same-
if only someone could help.

We are the children of the earth.
One generation, just separated by chances of birth.
We are strong when we stand together,
when we learn from, love and help each other.
So don’t sit back out of laziness or ignorance.
Be part of the whole and make a difference.

© Claire Guest 2012


A secret passed from mouth to ear,
Meant for only one to hear,
But still the news is passed along,
And every time that it moves on,
Bits are added, missed out, changed,
Until the whole thing’s rearranged,
Blown up wildly out of proportion,
You can’t see truth through the distortion,
And when the message’s returned to sender,
There is no obvious offender,
Who bent the truth to make it hurt,
That’s just the way that rumours work.

I trusted you to hold your tongue,
To keep quiet, to not let on,
But you told my secret anyway,
Just for your fifteen minutes fame,
I guess it was just too hard a task,
For you, silence was too big an ask,
You try desperately to shift the blame,
You apologise again and again,
Things didn’t turn out the way you planned,
The situation just got out of hand,
You didn’t want me to get hurt,
And should have thought it through properly first.

You think you fool me, but I’m not blind,
Your excuses are just hollow lines,
Remorse is not the reason why,
You’re trying to apologise,
That fearful look you try to hide,
I see it clearly in your eyes,
For you, it’s not our friendship at stake,
What you fear is the revenge that I may take,
But I won’t play your stupid games,
I won’t tell tales, I won’t call names,
Won’t repeat what’s said behind closed doors,
You told my secret, but I won’t tell yours.

© Claire Guest 2102

Mind Games

If the world worked a different way,
Would dull be colour and colour be grey?
Would down be up and up be down?
Would happiness be conveyed by a frown?
Would winning be losing, and last place be first?
Would eating cause hunger and drinking cause thirst?
Would dreams be real and awake be asleep?
Would our lives be spent counting sheep?
Would day be night and night be day?
Would the clouds be blue and the sky be grey?
Would we pay for breathing, but petrol be free?
Would I sit in the corner and the telly watch me?
Would women be taller and men wear skirts?
Would you live in hospital, and go home when you’re hurt?
Would trees grow downwards and branches be roots?
Would I have gloves for my feet and my hands wear boots?
Would cats chase dogs and dogs catch mice?
Would chocolate be vile and sprouts taste nice?
Would the rain make you drier and the sun make you wet?
Would my dog keep me as a pet?
Would showers be shunned in favour of dirt?
Would I be paid to relax and choose to work?
Would birds fly in water and fish swim in air?
Would our clothes be worn beneath underwear?
Would the sun be dark and the earth give out light?
Would brides wear black and goths wear white?
Would fire be drunk and water be burnt?
Would I be born smart and my knowledge unlearnt?
Would I be my own reflection,
If the world moved in another direction?

© Claire Guest 2012

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