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Young Poet Laureate - Damani's blog 2011-2012

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham

Damani Dennisur was the seventh Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham.

Damani told us about his experiences throughout the year in his blog.

12 May - Fostering Fiesta

That Was Great!!!! I've never performed "ink Spill" Before anywhere!! I'm Glad it went soo well. The girls Were Smiling In The Crowd All Eyes Were On Me & it felt GREAT!! I'm happy that this performance was for a really good purpose. I also performed "Drop The Tapes" and it went very well!!. The Did Blah Blah Blah as one of my poems and then another poem I had written in the morning. It was very exciting and I look forward to my other performances

Oh and P.S - I've never performed on a stage like that!! majestic!! :)

11 March - Year 7 Poetry

So, I'm in Solihull Performing Poetry with Laura & Spoz... I Rap for them and their faces light up. I do Blah Blah Blah and they cant stop smiling, I Love Kids, its so easy to make them Laugh

10 March - Yes I'm the Best, Please Don't Test

Music video's out, Type in "Hazle - The Best" Video Directed By Damani Dennisur & Sherwayne McLean

8 March - ED Doolan

K, So I was on the Radio..... It Was Awesome... They've got these cool Custom Mic's and these cool spinny chairs... But I was a bit late due to Mixed messages & Missed texts. All in all it was pretty good

20 January - meeting the queen.. im mean lord mayor

Its Been a great honour to be able to meet and take pictures with the lord Mayor, I feel very privileged and important simultaneously. For me being able to talk with the Lord Mayor is the first step to me meeting Obama. Sweet ^_^

3 November - Poet Laureate Read All About It

Me showing up in the Newspapers... I feel absolutely amazing. My head teacher Mr Bayliss came into my science class and told me the good news, I was jumping, dancing, singing and just thinking about poet laureate.

Straight after school, I went to the first shop I saw and picked up a copy of the Birmingham Mail, skipped to page 27, and showed it to the shopkeeper, I asked if I could have it and he gave it to me free of charge * - Awesome - *.

I was freestyling for two of my fans while walking home they were amazed, I got home and my Dad was amazed, then came my Mom with the “keep it up” Hi 5. Today was intense and I just cant wait to do more. :) ^_^

31 October – Performing for Fans

Today I went to perform poetry and rap to a group of students at my school, someone gasped when I entered the room (I can't believe I have fans :D :D :D). I could see them smiling and laughing while I was performing the ever so enjoyable “Blah Blah Blah”.

I feel as if I'm improving my confidence every time I perform * - Nice - *

29 October – Auditions and Mom's B-day

Today I went down to Handsworth centre for the child to do some auditions. They gave me as much time as I wanted and I showed them what I could do.

I sung Ed Sheeran – A Team and rapped Eminem - Loose yourself (clean), being honest the judges liked my singing, but when I started rapping their facial expressions changed (they looked as if they were witnessing an actual supernova). It shocked me to see how blown away they were and made me feel joyful, they said things like “I'm speechless” and seemed almost lost for words, I felt great, and my Dad was smiling at me the whole time.

In regards to the title - Happy Birthday Mom love you :-*

20 October – Black History Showcase

Great night I was performing poetry and singing with the Birmingham Jazz group.

First Poetry. The (yet to be named) poetry group performed image is everything for a very lively crowd, they seemed to love it and even better no-one forgot their lines. We all put on the best performance we could and it really got through to the audience, they were laughing, smiling, frowning and gasping, but mostly laughing.

After the performance I was once again congratulated by the head teacher except this time I was on stage.

After that I went to sing with the Jazz Band. The crowd loved us, they applauded and cheered but I was most happy to see my Mom smiling at me while I was on stage. I could faintly hear someone saying “wow, I didn't know he could sing” and that made me feel like I was showing people something, and that felt good.

18 October – Empowerment

Interesting new experience, performing to a poetry society. Quite a tough crowd, they made me very nervous going on stage but I can say that I had a try and I'm very proud of myself.

There were some good poets and they seemed confident to go up and perform, but I was really nervous and I think it was my downfall in the end. :(

13 October – Rookery school

Black history month at Rookery School... AWESOME the steps 8 crew were destroying all dimensions of dance at under 11 years old. O.o WoW o.O.

The poetry was good I performed with my (yet to be named) poetry group and we got quite a crow reaction, Jannatara caught all ears with her bit on Islam, Ezekiel got them going with his bit on Gangs and Violence, Sam did her thing with her bit on Christianity, Kim opened eyes with her bit on being Asian, then I made them laugh and think with my bit on being Jamaican.

It was in all a good night, there were some talented acts and I would love to see that steps 8 crew again.

Damani receiving his award from the adult Birmingham Poet Laureate 2011-2012,Jan Watts.

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