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Poems by Damani Dennisur

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham
Damani Dennisur was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011.

Here are the fantastic poems he submitted as part of his application for the post.

World Game

We are in a game called experiment
where we are experimented on by the diligent
With hurricanes, tsunami’s, 9/11, illuminate
It’s all just a game, were melting the Antarctic???
The separation of civilization
The separation of nations
The lack of anticipation
Though the messages are blatant
It’s all a simulation
We are the higher computer’s creation
To test how we react they introduce new inventions
To see if we behave they introduce detention
Obama is a scam, the credit crunch is a scam, religion is a scam,
Love is not an emotion but a computer programme
Your mother does not exist, your father does not exist, you do not exist
They can delete you with the push of a button no point to resist
Look at your hand, it looks so real
But we are nothing you and I
They just press the “B” button and we crumble up and die
And others around us begin to cry
Not realising that their tears are dry
This is no matrix I speak of
This is a game where we must
React so our reactions are recorded and redone
We know not of the great computer except there is only one
And the owner forgets to press save
So when he comes back on he starts again
That’s De Ja Vu to me and you
He throws things into the world to get us on our knees through sin
But this game is greater, for not even the player knows his origins
This world is recurring
As long as he keeps playing
Or she, whatever you see in your daydream
Before I go, before he deletes me, you all need to know the truth behind the scenes
HE……… (character deleted)
games, games, games, I hate them.

My Mind

My mind is a box with no corners or edges
Just a cracked light bulb in the middle floating and flickering
With no colours around it not white or black
There's no light but somehow it isn't dark
And every micro-second of the day I am blessed with a spark
Two words that rhyme, two lines that surprise
I'm not a normal human being look into these hazel eyes
The words that bounce around my head crash into my skull to create micro-lyrics
But uncontrollably bouncing they crash and through physics
Create larger words
Though my mind is an unpainted canvas it's beautiful
Like the sunshine glistening on an ocean of blue spirits screaming to be let go
From the evil waters drowning these poor souls
There is a psychopath somewhere searching for a companion
With an endless road leading nowhere inside the mind of the champion
With a thirst for ink gulping it down to one day write directly from the tongue
Ink is my bullet but my tongue is the gun
The psychopath is watching staring at mankind
The psychopath is a monster whose existence is a crime
Are you scared yet? You should be
Because the obscene psychopath my friend is me

Keep Moving

Let me erupt into a rant of rhymes
that blow your mind
and then define
a world that's mine
I stand in time
alone and divine
extremely sublime,
It began simple, just writing for fun
But now its become an ink addiction
I hate typing, I'd rather write
It further connects me to what is flat and white
I try to wipe the blood off my hands from murdering these rhymes
It's a crime
That I continuously commit to pass the time
My lyrical poetic state of mind overflows like an amateur dam
All my idea's flow out to nowhere "I forgot them, DAMN"
Oh well there will be others, there always are
They just pop up into the mind of TruStar
The wind whispers rhymes in my ear
That make me veer
I have to create what Miss Anthrobus will approve
Or it's game over, and I lose
Now I choose
A path, left, right or up, I choose forward
I chose forward, Improving my poetry everyday so I stay on top
and wont' drop
or badly flop
and never, ever, EVER STOP
A young poet style unknown colour black
I'm moving forward, and I don't plan on looking back.

Blah blah blah

Now here I come to a room of words
against lover boys, villains, heroes, and nerds
I grab the first one I see which is juice
and think of a rhyme before letting it loose
then the word kangaroo gave lover boy a kick
I looked at the heroes and said "someone's had their Weetabix"
I saw the word gloom and became very sad
While villains in the corner were getting up to something bad
They had the word idea tied up sucking out it's thoughts
The heroes had a weapon something they had brought
The word jello, it was thrown to the villains space
Then a voice said "practise over begin the race"
I ran forward and grabbed the word jet and boots
They merged together on my feet then all hell broke loose
I was flying 50 miles an hour and crashed into the word mud
I was all wet and sticky and stuck to the ground I yelled "AW CRUD"!
Like flash high on lightning lover boy flew past me like zoom
That opened my eyes I then knew fast word were in the room
I grabbed the word run and I couldn't feel my feet
I looked down to see how fast I couldn't see the speed
boom and bang made such loud sounds but scream was even worse
It almost made my ears bleed I felt my ear drums burst
Then villains ran by with rugged ropes rolled right round
The nerds were at the back worshipping the word pronoun
no-one else noticed it but the words treasure and chest were together
I grabbed them both and a word out floated like a feather
It wasn't nananaa no this was new and just weird
It wasn't lalalaa I tried to read it so unclear
'twas the word blah times five plus seven divided by two
Add one subtract four as I counted the word grew
Blah Blah Blah in a rainbow polka dot colour
bright, new and pointless stood out against the others
I grabbed the word and squeezed until it popped
then I had a feeling I would come out on top
blah times three what could it mean
It was running through my head the whole time, so confusing
Was it random or important, and the race! Was I losing?
I was dazzled, amazed, afraid, intrigued
relaxed, alone, comforted, relieved
I opened my eyes, didn't know they were closed
I was surprised to find out what I didn't know
I had won the race ten minutes ago
the lover boys, the heroes and the villains had gone home
but not the nerds, they were still worshipping the word PRONOUN (heavenly music).

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