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A poem for Holocaust Memorial Day by Jordan Westcarr

Holocaust Memorial Day

Jordan Westcarr was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011.

Jordan wrote this poem to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

My Pains

Don’t ask me to paint a picture of my pains,
A paintbrush would bleed in my hands,
Please don’t allow me to express my tears, liquid tends to burn my cheeks, they slash my soul like these whips did,
They hug my misery like my kids did,
If only I could unzip my skin, leave my skin, would that please you,
If I could remove my voice, my hair, my eyes, my blackness,
Silence the drums, bury my culture,
My pain travels deep; my pain is a relative to confusion, an uncle to a lack of identity,
My pain holds me, it grips me, yet my pain pushes me and drives me; they say my pain is an anomaly,
That’s impossible, I see pain in many eyes, it may be pain untold but the stories are still there,
Therefore my pain is yours, my story belongs to you, no matter how many pages you cover up, or mouths you seal,
My pain will be shown

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