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Young Poet Laureate - Jordan's blog 2010-2011

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham

Jordan Westcarr was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011

He told us about his experiences through the year in his blog.

4 November 2010

I was asked to write and perform a Remembrance Day poem for my school assemblies. I was recorded in front of a green screen reciting my poem and that recording was played repetitively throughout the week in front of teachers, staff members and fellow pupils. This was a very exciting experience and I would love to relive it in the the future.

20 November 2010

On the 20 November I performed at my first booking at Margarett Rose Abri Cafe in Digbeth. I performed last which was very nerve-racking but with the support of Roy (adult laureate) I managed to pull through and deliver a convincing performance with positive feed back from the audience members, which many were poets themselves.

23 December 2010

On 23 December I attended New Style radio where I was interviewed about my accomplishments of becoming Birmingham's young poet Laurette and the things I had been doing so far in the role.

14 February 2011

On 14 February I performed at the Library theatre with Roy Mcfarlane this year's Adult Poet Laurette, Joe Bell and many other poets. It was a very romantic night heart felt night.

23 February 2011

On 23 February 2011 I performed a poem entitled 'My weapon' which was based around knife crime. I performed this poem in New Street station in the City centre in front of busy travellers and moving people. ITV were also there getting coverage which made this an exciting experience.

On 23 of February I also performed at the Giggle fest which took place at the central library in the city centre. Here I performed an original poem called 'My favourite toy' in front of a crowd of youngsters ranging between the age of 3 and 11. This was surprisingly one of my toughest performances as the younger audience were less attentive.

17 March 2011

On 17 March I took part in a fund raising event at my school called poetic voices. This was Great Barr School's first ever poetry night which made it sort of historic in a sense. During this night of poetry i performed the poem 'Define Man'

4 April 2011

On 4 April I performed at the Library theatre for a Mothers Day special. The night was hosted by Adult Poet Laurette for this year Roy Mcfarlane. The poem I performed was entitled 'Mother'. This was a very emotional night as me and the other poets which performed, opened up and expressed personal memories.