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Young Poet Laureate Birmingham

Jordan Westcarr was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011.

What i saw

The rhythms don't stop, constant concerts surrounding this tropical island,
Laughter, covered in love, rapped in a lifetime of memorable moments,
Awakened by a vicious bark, or a clueless goat, both natural alarms,
So much to wake up to, graceful gospel voices, the frequent fragrance of fried fish, triggers that 'ummmmmm' sound,
Labelled violent by the ignorant, only ignoring the gallons of magnificence leaking from the countries cultural soul,
A continuous beat, a repetitive rhythm, a warm happiness,
Materialistic needs instinctively blurred, and words naturally slurred,
An everyday song, sung by your roots and mine,
Priceless sceneries, priceless personalities,
Idiosyncrasy, which would enlighten the blackest of hearts,
Jamaica the blackest of people, where the rhythms don't stop

Im listening

I hear voices, influential and subliminal, harsh whistles,
Encouraged to do damage,
Flows heard but ignored, felt but labelled numb,

I hear what they told me to listen to, or what they forced me to be affected by, I sometimes hear what they don't notice,
I wonder if they ever hear me, or even care enough to scratch their groomed ears and urge themselves to listen,
I hear poet's voices transformed into negative noise,
Intelligent minds and speedy thinkers forced into doing their deeds,
Pointing a firearm into the face of me,

I hear panic and horror, pain at its complete best,
I see confusion; confusion caused by ignorance, an injected characteristic, and a stain impossible to remove,
I hear the drums, sirens, screams, panic,
I hear your fear then I swallow mine

I know I'm aloud to breathe, watch or witness,
But would you allow me to question, or dream beyond the limits that only you programmed me to reach,
The picture you told me not to stare at, or gaze upon,
'No no look somewhere else' you said,
'Do something else' you said,
I'm only starting to grasp and master the technique of being me,
You're encouraged to be yourself but being you isn't as easy as it seems when that black box in your living room is screaming 'BE ME, BE ME!'
Self-acceptance is most definitely underrated

So i beg you to feel me, embrace me,
I dare you to hear me, hear each syllable, tone, vowel, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, rhyme, or emotive language I amusingly
illustrate to you,

Now are you listening?