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Remembrance by Jordan Westcarr

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham

Jordan Westcarr was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011.

Jordan says: "I was asked to write and perform a remembrance day poem for my school assemblies."
Find out more about how it went in Jordan's blog.


Families left lost, split apart by a call of duty,
Young sons and daughters lead into darkness, guided into the violent unknown,
9 million fallen hearts, 18 million fallen tears,
Eyes left black, smoke covered, dominated by devastation,
All on the basis of power, green paper,
A Great War perhaps,
A Great chaos,
A Great battle,
A Great sacrifice,
A deadly conflict, a murderous massacre, a great sacrifice,
A struggle for freedom, but freedom according to whom?
A separation of people and government,
A trench made a home, men and women made weapons or single bullets,
An empty seat at the kitchen table,
Carnage caused on the basis of fear,

A son, a daughter, a cousin, a mother, an uncle a relationship, an emotional connection,
The call, which determined their destiny,

That timeless deep breath taken on the frontline.

In silence we think of our injured brave,
Our damaged brave, mentally and physically,
In silence we discuss their harsh memories, a lost friend,
In silence we share, we reminisce, on that distant smile,
In their memory we smile,
We share a tame less laugh, an eternal happiness,
A moment, which we couldn't escape,
An everlasting existence as they live through us,
We shall always remember