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Birmingham City Council

Poems by Jordan Westcarr

Young Poet Laureate Birmingham

Jordan Westcarr is the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2010-2011.

Here are the fantastic poems he submitted as part of his application for the post.

Long enough for me to smell like you

Let’s drift into each other, as you place your lips upon mine,
I’m addicted to your presence, and you’re drawn to mine,
Let’s leave our distractions and our stresses, without even moving,
Let’s simply lock eyes for a lifetime,
Let’s laugh just so we can hear each others laughs and then lock eyes again during that loved awkward silence,
Let’s analyse each and every perfection on our anatomy, no matter how imperfect it may truly be,
Let’s be together, maybe not forever, but for long enough,
Long enough for me to smell like you, and for you to smell like me,
Let’s fall in love,
Let’s buy that favourite house you wanted,
Or the perfect wedding you dreamed of,
Let’s live softly sensually and slowly, without a moment rushed,
Brake up, lets not,
Let us have a fairy tale relationship,
Where you’re my happily ever after,
Let’s hold each other to a point where it would be heart breaking to let go,


To call her my everything wouldn't be enough,
So what is more then everything,
Let her eyes explain,
Her smile makes me want to smile a thousand times,
The way her nose squints when she laughs beats the rare occasion of a shooting star,
She is beauty, innocents, happiness, comfort, softness all personified,
My love for her travels deeper than any core,
It reaches lower than any scientist could explain,
Her eyes make me weak; they instantly make my heart stop,

In her presence nothing other than air exists,
Simple breath, which she eventually takes away,
Her beauty and grace can't be described, drawn or summarized,
It has to be taken in, witnessed, and gathered,
A true angel without her heavenly wings,
Skin smooth, soft, and more than perfection,
She's so real inside, her honesty is comforting,
Her magnificence is rapped in her intelligence,
A stable mind, and a thinker as deep as my love,
Her blink fascinates me,

I study her favourite things, so they can be brought up in conversation,
Green is her favorite colour,
Hades and Athena are her favorite Greek gods and she hates milk, cheeses and sometimes eggs,
Small facts that have monumental importance to me,
She is my favorite, my addiction, my obsession, my fascination, my aspiration, my everything,
To call her my everything still wouldn't be enough,
Her happiness will always be enough for me.


If only heavens eyes could witness these blatant demonic actions,
Violence must control these soldiers of death,
This eye burning bout repetitively leaves Birmingham in a sensitive silence,
Just a butcher but these beasts can be given the same label,
A fight with a blurry purpose,
An issue blamed on colour, culture, religion,
My home doesn't feel so cozy, so homey,
My home is now murderous, relentless, ruthless,
My homes never felt so unrecognizable.

My Holiday

Waking up in Dubai was an extravagant experience,
The cool, clean, Arabic air covered me in its comfort,
The tones and themes of my hotel room mirrored the clean, sophisticated outdoors,
The gang of butterflies fluttering in my stomach informed me that I had an exciting adventure ahead of me,
Leaving the hotel lobby was like stepping into another dimension,
The heated Dubai air hits you like a raged fist,
I instantly became a slave of the sun,
The scenery left me speechless,
The fantastic architecture was second to none and each building told a magnificent story,
The unbearable climate was omnipresent,
The attractive roads failed to show any glimpses of impurities,
Not to show homage to this beautiful, elegant, radiance of a place would simply be impudence,
Walking around in this perfect paradise was a dream upon dreams,
A magical expreience to say the absolute least,
So many names can be used to sum up this wonderland, yet all would be an extreme understatement,
Desirable Dubai,
Diamond Dubai,
Devout Dubai,
Developed Dubai,
Distinctive Dubai,
This is Dubai,

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