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What’s wrong with our society? by India Miller

India Miller was the fifth Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham.

India performed this poem at the Regional Safeguarding event.
Find out more in her blog.

What’s wrong with our society?

What’s wrong with our society?
It’s crumpling in our arms;
Our liberties are tossed aside
The government ignores our qualms,
So much is fragile, so much fraught
We cannot put it right,
So much to change, perhaps we ought
To give up our long fight

For, in this country, we allow
Such tragedies to grace the news:
The fights and feuds in families; how
Children suffer, too,
But then there are the other tales
So frequently ignored
When many people do prevail
And we can inch towards

The dream of every one of us
Where childhood’s always safe
A time to laugh, to learn, and we must
Make sure that we take
A breath in these disparaging floods
Which claim our efforts flawed,
Inhale the things that we have done
And see that we record

Achievements, things which we can see,
The children who have grown
To reach their great potentials
In spite of troubles faced at home
It proves that even though there are
Some incidents where judgement’s wrong
So many people strive so hard
To make our caring systems strong,

So though we must improve our care,
To be the best that we can be,
Let’s celebrate for once, and show
What’s right with our society