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The Runners by India Miller

India Miller was the fifth Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham.

India performed this poem at her first official event as Young Poet Laureate at the Birmingham Half Marathon.
Find out more in her blog.

The Runners

Surrounded enveloped enclosed
jumbed together
eager, eager
fighting the nerves
filled with adrenalin
These are the Runners

released it flies
the creature, the
complex beating heart
then disperses
now they’re
These are the Runners

determined focused relentless
step after step
the mechanical joints wind onwards
keeping the perfect rhythm
stepping in perfect time
onwards and onwards and onwards
These are the Runners

determined determined to perservere
but wavering, beginning to...
no, no, continue
keep the rhythm
keep the stride
think of the finish
think of the end
These are the Runners

end approaching, rhythm ensuing
governed by the drum of life
faster, faster to the finish
over the line
it’s done, it’s complete
These are the Runners

as they drift their separate ways
the elation of victory
sounds in their minds;
it will stay with them all their days
These are the Runners