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Our Race - A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Our Race is a powerful poem by Matt calling for an end to racism in every avenue of life.

Our Race

Racism, why is it here?
Well im here to make it clear that racism is nothing to fear
See racism is like a bully you get in the playground
But don't play around
And get straight to the point that I don't want this to stay around
But the only way to beat it is to stand up to it
There't no point being silent or just moaning to a friend tell them to do it, to
Because I know there's a big campaign going round saying let's kick it out of football
But why don't we kick it out of athletics boxing tennis rugby
A whole world without racism yeah that would be lovely
Tell you what why don't we just kick it out of everything all together
I've got many multi racial friends I've even got a brother who's 'black'
My mates always go who's that? That's my brother
Well how do you work that out you're not the same colour
Na but we've got the same mother so I think that means we are
We could all join up as a team then I know we would all go far
See on appearance we're all different but on the inside we're all the same
We all have blood pumping through our veins
Heart beating and a brain
And the main thing we all have is feelings
And purposely trying to hurt them in my eye that's unappealing
And I've been dreaming for all of us just to be classed as 1
Yeah it is good to be different but it also even better if we can all get on
What ever colour whatever type of person we should all be treated the same
Doesn't matter if you're a reject or a prefect as good as gold or completely insane
See I put my self in a racist man's shoes
And I realised even more what a narrow view of the world that they must have
I can't think of another word for them, apart from sad
It must be so boring just thinking about it im yawning
Just hanging with the same colour every single day
Because I love learning new things about the different race
When my brother walks in the front door with that Caribbean chicken with rice and
sum of them dumplings you know there's a smile on my face
Or when my dad comes in with a Chinese curry
Yeahh mom, get the plates out and erm HURRY
We was all made and created by the power up there above
There's no need to spread hatred but you can never have too much love
We could have black Vs white now if something like that happened id be fuming
But then if aliens came to take over earth we would join up because were all human
So why can't we have that in our minds from the start
That it doesn't matter who you are, we're all God's piece of art
And I know the world would be a much better place
If everybody just accepted and appreciated other people's race!

© Matt Windle

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