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The 1999 story - A poem by Matt Windle

Matt Windle was the Young Poet Laureate for Birmingham 2007-2008

Matt has written creative poetry on all sorts of subjects including imagining the
Schools of the future
, or how it might feel to run 182 miles. About this poem, Matt says, 'The 1999 story is about a 8/9 year old meeting a girl just before the computer bug comes in the millennium and destroys everything.'

The 1999 story

Memories lapse, flickers and fades like when paparazzi flashes,
Just my luck I meet the ideal girl 6 months before the whole world crashes,
Looked further than the horn rimmed specs caught by the curve of her eye lashes,
It was actually my 2nd real live girlfriend see after Dawn came Eve,
Time to go to big school but I just did not want to leave,
Memories heave and swell with emotional grace,
Eve was etched into my mind had her own special place,
On my pencil case and in my heart,
I loved it when she sat next to me for the whole afternoon of art,
For that few hours she became my whole world,
I loved her eyes shone like pearls and how her hair was slightly curled,
First girl says she's Jennifer Lopez and I'm Dicaprio,
Sunk like the titanic we mutually let that one go,
I knew she was out to stir and spoil it,
Eve and Jessica chatted about me for an hour in the toilet,
I was the tempting apple surrounded by leaves,
She said I was a slimy snake now that's what Eve believes,
Her heart was set against me like concrete starts to harden,
She said I'm the boss I run this place now get out of my garden,
Now I know I'm no Adam but I'm sure we were a match made in heaven,
Until I met Helen when I was almost aged 11,
Helen was one of 3 beautiful daughters,
She was a bit older than me she was 10 and three quarters,
One day I went home to meet her stepmother,
That's when I found out about getting battered by her brother
But that's another story no glory in a busted front lip
Won't be long until the world ends on this 1999 trip.

© Matt Windle

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