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Poems Against Bullying

Pupils from St John's Primary School wrote some poems for Anti-Bullying Week.


Bully me it will hurt
I will get angry and upset
When you carry on and on
I will make me feel left out
And feel that I am no baby
So stop before it gets worse and worse
When you are old you will regret this
And it might happen when you are older
Stop bullying now and you will never get hurt
And your feelings will never be hurt
and you will fit right in with the core.

by Shainya

(Now I have)

by Kaidon


My Poem

It was my first day at school.
The second I walked into my classroom people laughed and smirked at me.
"You are ugly, you are ugly!"
A gang of girls yelled.
I felt like I was the odd one out.
Then all I had left was my pride.
After a few weeks they still laughed and smirked,
But after 2 months I fitted in perfect!

by Lisa


When I get bullied,
I feel like a steam train,
Heating up like a rhino,
And someone in pain,
Like the dark clouds about to rain,
Like all the water going down the drain,
You think I will turn to ice,
But I will explode,
You think you are pretty and nice,
While I will mould.



Treat me mean
Treat me bad
These are the words that make me mad
Stare and point if you want
I will be the one to have least
Treat me fair

by Colbert

Stop Bullying Booklist

Bullying can happen to anyone, at any age. Reading about how other children and young people deal with bullies can help you to cope. Our booklist contains story books for all ages, from picture books to teenage novels. Plus non-fiction giving practical advice and web links to helping organisations.

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